About Gunther

Who are you?

I am Gunther, anti-guru, formerly person. I am 53 years old, and I am the father of two girls.

You say often you stopped being a person.

At age 29, and without notice, a profound transformation changed the course of my life. I was a pretty successful fitness trainer. To summarize something long and complex, everything fell apart. I lost my job, my hobbies disappeared, and my wife abandoned me. I swear I've never taken drugs, everything happened spontaneously. I became a cynical existentialist first. For some years I wandered through the parks of Barcelona with old clothes taken out of the garbage. I fed on raw fruit. I was an unbearable guy who threw poisoned darts against the culture and the world in general.

At that time you worked as a house cleaner.

To survive I spent eight months cleaning kennels in the mansion of a rich old woman who had a hundred dogs. Then I was offered the position of director of a luxury gym, with a millionaire salary, but I chose to stay in the kennels. For me it was very simple: I cannot sell you anything. After that I worked twenty years as a house cleaner. What else could a guy pierced by mystical experiences do? Cleaning allowed me to fall to my knees in ecstasy or write down in a notebook the phrases that my mind was receiving. At that time I didn't know that this can only happen when the mind ceases to be operational. If we are body, mind and Consciousness, that second one has gone for me, bro. This is why I say that I stopped being a person. I am only a body in communion with Consciousness. Now you can laugh at me.

Did your mind receive phrases?

Yes. Sometimes they were completely finished texts that exceeded my academic training. Then I found books that confirmed them. These texts form the work I have written.

Do strange phenomena happen to you?

Oh, the siddhis. What would you do if I told you that a strange energy runs through my spine, that I have visions of entities and symbols, or that epiphanies and premonitions come to me? I'm not going to show you the full list, I've already lost enough friends. This happens at any time of the day and night, but it intensifies when I meditate. No doubt I have a great disorder, right?

Well, sometimes I've thought about it.

Don't worry, me too.

I don´t know how to define your book, Gunther. It covers everything, from food and sex to culture and spirituality. And this is the first time I read swear words in a work that speaks about Consciousness, with a capital letter.

My book is a physical, emotional and spiritual explosion. I have emotional outbursts, like everyone else. What I do? Do I hide my flaws and only publish those beautiful phrases that will make you think I am a loving spiritual master? The world no longer needs spiritual masters. All of them, without exception, hide their human side, in this way they are worshiped as gods. This does a lot of damage. New Age spirituality has already damaged too many people. For the benefit of humanity, I stopped being a loving guru. I realized that the Aquarian narrative of enlightenment is exhausted. From that perception arose spontaneously a character whose mission is to shake the naivety and superficiality of the New Age.

In the book you define yourself as a troll.

That's what I do. I troll human culture, especially posmodernity.

There are already many trolls out there...

Oh, yes, the twittopaths, that group of professional haters with a lot of free time. I'm talking about something completely different. You only can truly troll when you've first trolled yourself.

Your book was rejected by some publishers.

Yes, 12 publishers refused to publish it. They said to me: "Your book contains too many topics, we look for books with a single well-defined theme", or "Your book is very good, unfortunately we can not publish a book that talks about spirituality in such an explicit way." And things like that... It's logical, publishers want a sweetened product to make money, not a book that explodes heads. That's why I decided to self-publish it on Amazon.

So these are inspired texts? Some readers affirm that it is as powerful as the Tao Te King, by the conciseness and intensity of its sentences.

Inspired texts? No my God. Inconvenient Truths That Liberate The Soul comes from a disturbed mind. That now the postmodern people call it the new Tao is without doubt a great joke of fate.


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"Inconvenient Truths That liberate The Soul - A glorious deconstruction of postmodernity. This book contains the most enlightening and revolutionary discoveries on nutrition and medicine, the most lucid chapters on sex, love relationships, upbringing, feminism and LGTB, and the most hilarious essays on politics and spirituality that I have read in my entire life" - Jason Adams

"Thank you so much Gunther for the beauty of your dedication in every way.  I really like your beautiful and spiritual work, [...] it´s a subtle mixture between Spirit and matter." - Raquel Torrent

"It has that strange strength of inspired books. Inconvenient Truths That liberate The Soul is, from the very beginning, an authentic classic of spirituality. My most sincere congratulations" - Robert Collins

"For those who have not yet read the book: Inconvenient Truths That liberate The Soul is the bravest, most lucid and hilarious x-ray of postmodernity ever written" - Karl R. Weber

"Thank you Gunther for sharing your vital and intense testimony. I admire your humility and your courage to keep going despite all misfortunes of life. I am delighted to explore possible lines of collaboration, especially given that we share the same goal: the union of the forces of faith, the forces of hope." - Koldo Aldai

"Although obscene and inarticulate, Gunther is the wisest, most tender and compassionate being I know. Impossible not to love him after reading his book" - Mariah Rodríguez

"Hello Gunther, nice surprise to meet you, very good what you post, I really resonate with everything you write, I also like how you use humor in your writings, at some point I would like to post something of your authorship on my site (with your authorization of course and with links to your mail and blog)." - Alejandro Christian Luna

"I see that your work is magnificent! That doesn´t mean that the world sees it, as you know, but those who are on the way, close to you. Congratulations for your complete honesty. " - Carlos de Vilanova

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"Dear Gunther, it is not surprising that you receive a lot of congratulations, of course you have my permission to publish the phrase you want from the email [...] a fraternal hug." - Cristóbal Cervantes

"Thanks Gunther for your work, I think it's very interesting what you propose." - Gregorio Dávila

"[...] A wonderful aberration of nature. Required reading. He even makes you miss his insults. The slap in the face that postmodernism so badly needed" - Esther García

"Gunther is like the savage you find in the jungle, dirty, ugly and brutish. But he’s also innocent and pure as a child who only knows how to tell the truth" - Pedro Rosalía

"Inconvenient Truths That liberate The Soul is the Tao of the 21st century" - Sarah Medina

"He gets us to understand very high, complex or decidedly strange subjects, thanks to some hilarious dialogues. Still, this isn’t an easy book. It’s a book for educated people who are initiated in the world of spirituality" - Juan Lera

"Inconvenient Truths That liberate The Soul is the most devastating earthquake of the century. He calls a spade a spade. The truth hurts. So refreshing to read something like this in times of falsehood and bullshit" - Luisa Menéndez

"Raw poetry" - Sebastian Maestrazgo

"Thanks for helping me improve my health in such a simple and direct way, Gunther" - Sonia Méndez

"The book is already part of my life, just the best I've ever read, without false hopes, without promises of instant healing, everything perfectly serious and well thought out, a great job" - Marcos Laso

"Brutal book Gunther, I'm still in shock, hahaha!" - María Rodrigo

"I have read Gunther with great interest for several years, in his various blogs and books. I am glad that his adventure continues, I have bought Inconvenient Truths That liberate The Soul, and I highly recommend it to everyone who longs for the truth. Direct and easy to understand."- Antonio Bueno

"Pleased to meet you again! It´s really amazing your power to help people who are sick or in crisis, I congratulate you for it... Five stars!" - Ainoa Suñé

"I've laughed so much! Not only do you dismantle postmodernity, yo do it in a hilarious way... This is one of those books that you must have at home... Thanks!" - Laura Casanova

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