Alcohol, drugs and (false) fun

You often emphasize that you have never taken drugs.

Yes, and I usually add that I never drank or smoked. I think it is necessary to express what happens to a silent majority. The consumption of substances to feel joy is typical of a minority of emotionaly ill persons. This is not a moral judgment. You do what you can. Nor am I saying that I am not emotionally ill. We all are, to varying degrees.

But people who take substances sometimes boast about it.

Yes, and ridicule those who do not take them. Actually, they are resorting to an old ritual. Thousands of years ago, a primitive man became aware that the sun was hiding. This seems silly today, but imagine for a moment that you are not aware of it, and that one day you realize that the sun, the source of life, is lost on the horizon. So, to spend the night awake waiting for the sun to rise again is an act of courage.

Where is the fun in that?

Primitive amusement consists in demonstrating life. You show those around you that death will not win. Darkness is death. Well, let's light bonfires, drink and eat, sing and dance until the sun comes out again. The more primitive fears you harbor, the more you need to perform that kind of ritual.

Is taking substances then also a way to gain life?

Smoking, drinking or taking drugs are acts that hit your body, which mobilizes a huge amount of energy to get rid of those toxins. Feeling that energy is the essence of primitive fun. By the way, having sex is an important part of that process of gathering vitality. You defeat death with the act that generates life.

I understand. Then that's why night, sex, alcohol and drugs are associated in our psyche.

Indissolubly associated. And the same happens in anniversaries, weddings and Christmas parties. These dates remind us that time passes and that the skull is approaching. You do not consciously notice it, but the most primitive layers of your psyche feel terror. That is why there is a need to surround ourselves with symbols of life: especially strong, harmful and heavy foods, alcoholic beverages, gifts, candles and lights of all kinds, and that unspoken obligation to "show joy".

We are not generally aware of all this.

No, but we call it "having a good time".

But all this is normal.

And very legitimate. We are humans.

However, you say that it's convenient to remember the origins of those actions.

Yes, because it puts things in their place. You don't have fun because you're cool, but because you feel fear. And there are also the wounds of childhood. Almost mathematically, the most damaged people are those who will use more extreme doping, in order to escape their internal pain. This includes many times, unfortunately, making fun of people who just don't need those things.

Teasing is part of the fun of some people.

For them it's essential to chase away people who don't participate in the ritual. If you don't participate, you immediately become a reminder of death. We have to move that away quickly! That is why the minority of people who need so many stimuli to feel joy laugh at all those who don't share the same doping.

Why does this kind of fun begin in adolescence?

Because in adolescence the level of consciousness increases, and you also express everything that has been poured on you during childhood. In some cases your parents have filled you with emotional garbage, but they blame you. You start to feel bad inside. You realize that childhood joy ends, and "the other side" emerges. The night becomes the perfect symbol of that other side for many wounded youngsters.

But it's normal for a teenager to want to explore that other side, isn't it?

Yes, it's normal when you do that for a few months, you enjoy that unconsciousness and then you discover that it's stupid. But when you need to go out at night for ten or fifteen years, you definitely have a problem. You do that to hide your suffering.

The people who don't do that are then the majority.

Most people have fun without the need to take substances. And of course they don't need to monitor the sunrise! Sometimes we judge the world according to the noise that comes from social networks, and that's a very biased way of seeing reality. Only the emotionally wounded make noise, precisely to avoid hearing the cry of their inner child.



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