Species of politicians and entrepreneurs

Homo diestrus - Dressed in a suit and tie the men and with elegant clothes the women, they form large flocks grazed by a leader who has it bigger (the tie). They usually thrive with bankers and entrepreneurs around an urban requalification. They feed on concessions of expired works, which causes them early dandruff. They reproduce every two years in a cisgender way, and bring white and heterosexual children to the world.

Homo sinister - Disheveled and with long hair, the sinister form small groups around a leader that has it longer (the mane). They feed on Marx, Cohelo and Chopra, and adore a certain Maria Juana, who seems to provide them a silly joy that they call "cosmic peace". They practice polysex, but in the queer style. No one knows what that means, but they manage to keep that "I understand, of course" expression on their faces. They have boys with vulva and girls with penises who are breastfed up to four years old by a trans babysitter.

Homo centratus - With a grayish appearance, the centratus do not attract attention. They claim to be very centered, and their leader is usually a guy who is so in the middle of everything that nobody can find him. They thrive around the next electoral pact, and hold the Guinness record for the fastest political camouflage. They have amorphous sex and they procreate gelatinous children who can live well in the epistemological cracks of any doctrine.

Homo I-am-the-best - They live on a pedestal that includes a stereo microphone. They bathe in crowds and nourish themselves with applause, which cause them verbal diarrhoea. His goal is to become the president of something. They are usually paired with any entity -preferably alive- that is capable of rendering them unconditional homage. They sell their wedding and divorce simultaneously to the gossip magazines. This species does not talk, holds a conference, even while copulating. Because of this they have prosodic children.

Homo bankarius - The bankarius thrive around financial transactions with high interest rates. They know that the other way around impresses even more their unsuspecting customers: rate high interest with transactional financing. They eat caviar of bitcoins and drink eviction juice. They are only paired with people of similar heritage and have sex with abundant liquidity. Their children are born with a high-risk investment face.

Homo entrepreneurensis - This species grows industrial buildings on rustic properties suspiciously burned by a pyromaniac brother-in-law. It feeds on influences and recommendations, watered with abundant bribery wine. If you annoy an entrepreneurensis, they will throw hostile takeover bids with retroactive effect. They attract their partner by showy displays of red convertibles and ultramarine yachts. They practice delocalised sex, which causes their children look like a Bombay suburb.



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