About Gunther

Gunther Emde used to be a fitness instructor at several gyms in Barcelona, until at the age of 29 a radical awakening of his conscience turned him into a wanderer who walked barefoot in the city's parks, ate fruit and wore clothes found in garbage containers. 

He lost his job, his hobbies disappeared and his wife left him, frightened by his sudden change. He began to suffer strange phenomena that made him unable to lead a conventional life. From that moment on, his only interest was the spiritual quest.

To survive, he spent the following twenty years as a house cleaner, a simple physical activity that allowed him to fall on his knees in ecstasy without anyone seeing him, or to write down in old notebooks entirely finished sentences that his mind received suddenly and on any human and divine aspect. 

At present he is devoted to disseminate these texts, which he has gathered in the form of short books.

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THE FORGOTTEN LAWS OF HEALTH  is an 88-page book that clearly explains the profound relationship between nutrition, medicine and the different levels of consciousness that human beings go through in their lives and also throughout history. 

The inability of doctors to clearly separate the needs of the body from those of the mind is what has led us not only to hundreds of acute and chronic diseases, but also to devastating pandemics.

A courageous work that questions the official version of a medicine that treats patients like machines, and that denounces a medical system subordinated to the drug trade designed by corporations whose main interest is power and profit. 

The author's reflections draw two different futures of human health, and only information freed from the prejudices of each era and each culture will allow us to choose intelligently.

Acclaimed as a visionary reflection on the true causes of the diseases that plague humanity, this work rescues from oblivion the authentic vital laws that govern the body.  

"This extraordinary work is the next evolutionary step in the understanding of health and disease, and should be a compulsory subject in medical schools” - Robert Collins

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SEX, LOVE AND FREEDOM is an 86-page book that points to the deification of sexual pleasure in the Aquarian age, and how it is used by the mind to escape from existential distress.

It shows the wounds of our inner child that generate dependent love relationships that are doomed to repeat the patterns of previous generations.

It explains how conventional love and sexual passion are incest, and how authentic Freedom of Love can be achieved, a state of inner peace that has nothing to do with free love.

A work that empowers people without distinction, laying the foundation for a gender equality that integrates the natural differences between men and women. 

"A wonderful journey from sex to the Freedom of Love that has moved me to tears. It unexpectedly broadens the narrow view we usually have of relationships. A book of feminine and masculine empowerment, essential in our time” - Sarah Medina

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AFTER THE NEW AGE is a 92-page book that brings to light the real motivations of the psychopaths who govern countries, lead companies and run banks. It fearlessly points out the hypocrisy of the spiritual masters who speak of heavenly peace while hiding aspects of their very earthly lives.

It contains a prophecy for the coming centuries that is entirely different from the usual catastrophism in predictions of the future. And it reveals the disturbing possibility of a future led by self-conscious machines.

A sensitive information that must be released for the knowledge of all people who long to build a future that takes into account not only the ideas created by the mind, but above all the wisdom that comes from the heart. 

”I have laughed a lot at the author's description of the different types of business, political, and spiritual leaders. A courageous work that reaches depths I have never seen before. Without a doubt, this is the book the oligarchs of power don't want you to read” - Dave Zimmerman

About Gunther Emde's blog and books:

"Thank you so much Gunther for the beauty of your devotion in every way. I like very much your beautiful and spiritual work, [...] it is a subtle mix between Spirit and matter" - Raquel Torrent

"Thank you Gunther for sharing your so vital, so intense and dedicated testimony. I admire your humility and your courage to go on despite all the setbacks of life. I would be delighted to explore possible lines of collaboration, especially since we share the same ideal of promoting the union of the forces of faith, the forces of hope" - Koldo Aldai

"They are three fantastic books. They made me cry, but also laugh a lot. [...] At the same time, they are dense books, with a lot of very interesting information that cover topics such as nutrition, the couple, education... [...] I also wanted to comment that there have been changes in me as a result of reading the books. So I think that, in my case, the transmission of energy has taken place. I have loved the books. Gunther, you are a luminary of Consciousness" - Therapist from Barcelona who wishes to remain anonymous.

"This blog is from someone who seems to have undergone a transformation in all aspects of his life. When I read Gunther Emde's story I see the metamorphosis of the butterfly, only I can't guess in which stage he is. His path is his own and so are his obstacles, so each stumble made him grow and perhaps understand. It is said that we are the ones who put ourselves under tests and he seems to have gone through some very hard ones. Human beings like him, who seem to find the meaning of their lives through suffering, are a milestone in this sea of unconsciousness, and if we add to that his eloquence in transmitting his experiences, even better, since he can help us to wake up. Gunther's blog is a place where you might find answers to some of your questions" - Lorenzo Durán

"I see that your work is magnificent! That doesn't mean that the world sees it, as you know, but those who are on the way, close to you, do. Congratulations for your complete honesty" Carlos de Vilanova

"Hi Gunther, nice surprise to meet you, very good what you post. I resonate a lot with everything you write. I also like the way you use humor. At some point I would like to publish something of yours on my site (with your permission of course and with links to your blog)" - Alejandro Christian Luna

”A magnificent revulsion, an explosion of truth amidst official lies, a display of depth in times of superficiality. Gunther, thank you for your work, I consider that your books are the Tao Te King of the 21st century, for their incredible conciseness, lucidity and honesty" - Thomas Jenkins

"My congratulations, Gunther, for your trilogy. I have read the first and the last one, they are very good, I am recommending them to my acquaintances. I have already ordered Sex, Love and Freedom, I can't wait to read it" - Harry Wilson 

"I have read the first one, The Forgotten Laws of Health, a book that covers all of human nutrition and medicine, as well as the relationship of both with the different levels of consciousness through which we humans pass, both in our personal lives and throughout History. It is a short book but it is the equivalent of several medical treatises put together. After reading it my conception of health and illness has changed completely" - Marta Santos

"I have read the second book, Sex, Love and Freedom, a short work but that took me several weeks to read, because it is full of deep and shocking truths. Practically every page forces you to stop and reflect. Impressive" - Marco Torres

”A collection of small books that nevertheless contain the greatest number of truths per page that I have ever read. Each paragraph expresses ideas so surprising that you have to stop and reflect. An exciting journey that changes your life forever” - Louise Mahler

"They are not self-help books, they are poetic and brutal, sweet and bitter, simple and complex, rational and emotional works.... They have affected me deeply" - Clara Gómez 

”Gunther Emde, who was a house cleaner for twenty years while suffering from various mystical phenomena, now literally sweeps away the lies of the world, in a collection of short and intense works that will be a reference for the next generations” - Markus Stendt

”I have read the three books, three little jewels that are a brilliant and at times hilarious deconstruction of post-modernity. They are already my bedside books, a guide for life's difficult moments” - Wilhelm Stein

"Gunther, you're going to get criticism of all kinds... you know how it works... For my part, I just want to say that these three little books are the greatest thing I have ever read. They will certainly change the lives of many people, because reading them is a real blow to the ego of today's humanity. Thank you" - Yvonne Dubois


© by Gunther Emde. Legal Notice.

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